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Adam and His Kin/The Lost History of Their Lives and Times
Ruth Beechick , 0-40319-07-1

After the Flood /The early post-flood history of Europe traced back to Noah
Bill Cooper B.A. (Hons) , 1-874367-40-X

Paley's Watchmaker
Bill Cooper B.A. (Hons) , 1-874367-65-5

Astronomy and the Bible (Questions & Answers)
Donald B. DeYoung , 0-8010-2991-0

Biblical Studies in the Light of Archaeology
Wayne Jackson , 0-932859-00-3

The Mythology of Modern GeologyA Refutation of Evolution's Most Influential Argument, Wayne Jackson Apologetics Press, Inc

In the Beginning - Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood
Walt Brown , 1-878026-01-1

Betrayers of the Truth Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science
Willian Broad & Nicholas Wade , 0-671-44769-6

Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics
Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. , 0-932766-28-5

Creation - Facts of Life
Gary Parker , 0-89051-200-0

The Creator and the Cosmos
Huch Ross, Ph. D. , 0-89109-700-7

The Collapse of Evolution
Scott M. Huse , 0-8010-4384-0

Did God Use Evolution?
Werner Gitt 3-89397-725-2

Ecology and Beyond
David Schonberg Caravan Books, U.S:A. 1995

Evolution in the Light of Scipture, Science and Sense
Basil Overton J. C. Choate Publications

Evolution is not scientific: 32 Reasons why, an Analysis "Why Evolution is Contrary To Theories and Laws of Science , Albert Sippert , 0-9623872-1-5

Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record
Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. , 0-89051-112-8

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Michael Denton , 0-917561-05-8

The Flood (in the light of the Bible, Geology and archaeology)
Alfred M. Rehwinkel St.Louis 1951/CPH

Forbidden Archeology The Hidden History of the Human Race
Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson , 0-9635309-8-4

Fossils that speak out (Evolution vs.Creation)
Phil Saint , 0-87552-424-9

Genesis in Space and Time
Francis A. Schaeffer , 0-87784-636-7

Genesis and the Dinosaur
Erich A.von Fange Ph. D. (Living Word Services 1990)

The Global Flood of Noah
Bert Thompson, Ph.D. , 0-932859-02-X

Grand Canyon, Monument to Catastrophe
Steven A. Ausitin, Ph.D. , 0-932766-33-1

How the Irish Saved Civilization
Thomas Cahill , 0-340-63787-0

In The Minds of Men / Darwin and the New World Order
Ian T. Taylor , 0-9691788-6-7

Job and Science
Walter Lang , 0-9633724-0-8

The Mystery of Life's Origin Reassessing Current Theories
Charles B. Thaxton, Walter L. Bradley, Roger L. Olsen , 0-929510-02-8

The Genesis Flood
John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris , 0-8010-9501-8

Evolution and the Modern Christian
Henry M. Morris Ph. D. , 0-8010-5881-3

Scientific Creationism
Henry M. Morris Ph. D. , 0-89051-003-2

The Long War Against God
Henry M. Morris Ph. D. , 0-8010-6257-8

Science and the Bible
Henry M. Morris Ph. D. , 0-8024-0656-4

The Remarkable Record of Job
Henry M. Morris Ph. D. , 0-8010-6238-1

Science, Scripture, and the Young Earth
Henry M. and John D. Morris , 0-93276-60604

Darwin´s Enigma
Luther D. Sunderland , 0-89051-108-X

Darwin on Trial
Phillip E. Johnson , 0-8308-1758-1

Creation, Evolution and God´s Word
Paul A. Zimmerman , 0-570-03122-2

Darwin, Evolution and Creation
Paul. A. Zimmerman (Library No 59-11471) 1966

It´s A Young World After All
Paul D. Ackerman , 0-8010-0204-4

Luominen ja vedenpaisumus vai kehitys ja sadat vuosimiljoonat
Uuras Saarnivaara, Helsinki 1964

The new Faith-Science debate
John M. Mangum , 0-8006-2390-8

Noah´s Ark: A Feasibility Study
John Woodmorappe , 0-932766-41-2

Not by Chance!
Lee M. Spetner, PhD , 1-880582-24-4

Origins and Destiny
Dr. Robert A. Gange , 0-8499-0447-1

Origin Science
Norman L. Geisler and J. Kerby Anderson , 0-8010-3808-1

Science Good, Bad and Bogus
Martin Gardner , 0-87975-573-3

The Soul of Science Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy
Nancy R. Pearcey -Charles B. Thaxton , 0-89107-766-9

Starlight and Time Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe
D. Russell Humphreys Ph. D. , 0-89051-202-7

Studies in Creation
John W. Klotz , 0-570-03969-X

The World that Perished
John C. Whitcomb , 0-8010-9690-1

The Weather book
Michael Oard , 0-89051-211-6

The Young Earth
John D. Morris, Ph.D. , 0-89051-174-8

Mans´s Origin, Man´s Destiny
A.E. Wilder-Smith , 0-87123-356-8

Ajattelen, siis uskon
A.E. Wilder-Smith 951-619-127-4

Luonnontieteet eivät tunne evoluutiota
A.E. Wilder -Smith 951-0-10867-7

The Revised Quote Book
, 0-949906-10-7

Bone of Contention- is evolution true?
, 0-94996-03-4

The Illustrated Origins Answer Book
Paul S. Taylor , 1-877775-01-0

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